Cancer Research: Natural Alternatives

There are thousands of studies on the National Library of Medicine concerning natural substances which have experimentally confirmed anti-cancer activity. Moreover, the research on unintended, adverse health effects of conventional treatments is also surprisingly plentiful. contains a variety of databases which index this research, making it freely accessible to the public. Below you will find over a thousand such studies, as well as in-depth articles analyzing the implications of key findings contained within some of these articles.


AC: Abstract Count

CK: Cumulative Knowledge - Cumulative Knowledge is determined by ascribing a numerical value to all the articles indexed in our database. The algorithm appraises a study's overall evidentiary power and quality by generating a numerical value. This "Cumulative Knowledge" score incorporates variables such as study type, with the following types listed in descending order by their power: Meta-Analysis, Human Study, Human: Case Study, Animal:Transgenic, Animal, In Vitro, Review, and Commentary. The cumulative total will provide you an idea about the depth and quality of information that this topic has accumulated on our site. For instance, if you downloaded a document on "Cancers: All", you might see "Curcumin" with a Cumulative Knowledge of 677 and Resveratrol with a Cumulative Knowledge of 175. This does not mean that Curcumin is better, but just that we have gathered more quality research on the Substance Curcumin.

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